Six step development process

  • Define

    The most essential step in the web design process is creating a precise project definition. A project definition includes a project concise and a project sketch. The client survey is used along with the information needed to build up the project brief and plan. Purpose and goal of project definition should be clear in this phase.

  • Plan

    Good web design requires concrete site architecture based on the site’s goals, target audience and objective established in the project brief. Proper timeline is planned in accordance with tasks. Abstract design of the project is completed during the planning phase.

  • Physical Design

    After the plan phase, now it is time to design with creativity. Drawing on the knowledge of design principles, design elements, and user-centered design, a designer can develop selections that meet the project goals. A reconsider of the project brief, branding guidelines as well as the technical requirements for one screen resolution, download time, browser compatibility web standards and user-friendliness should all be reflected in the design.

  • Development of the Website

    Now it is time to develop the site. Confirming and refining the technical/non-technical requirements. Building and integrating the website are the two major steps accomplished during this phase.

  • Test

    Your original project plan should always assign time for formal testing. Ideally, you should recognize a person to provide as the Quality Assurance Lead. This individual's main concern will be to build and manage the testing process, prioritize concerns, ensure that high priority concerns are solved, and accomplish the final review and release of the website.

  • Go Live Launch

    Plan the best day to go live. Consider your current website traffic blueprints and attempt to launch in a way that reduces downtime. Make sure that everyone on the team is on call for any challenges that might occur during commencing. If possible, consider a soft initiate.

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